Dana Marquez Richardson (she/her)

Staff Attorney
Focus Areas:

Strategy & Impact, Policy & Advocacy, Organizational Leadership & Governance

Why I work at OneJustice:
I was drawn to OneJustice because I have always wanted to help people and make a difference for others.  Growing up in California’s San Joaquin Valley, I witnessed first hand the struggles families faced for access to respect and justice in all aspects of their lives.  With advocates and influential leaders on the side of civil justice, the futures of many people can be positively altered.  I came to civil justice to help protect and bolster the civil justice system so that all people have equal access to the law and an equal fight at life in a free and just society.

As Program Manager for the Healthy Nonprofits program, I help lead OneJustice’s policy work, including OneJustice’s advocacy to increase federal funding for legal aid organizations. Serving as OneJustice’s expert on federal funding issues, I lead OneJustice’s role in advocacy efforts in Washington D.C. and Sacramento, and help to ensure that all low-income Californians are being thought of when policies are put into place. As a member of the Healthy Nonprofits team, I also teach and advocate on issues that impact legal services organizations, including team and project management and anti-racist practices.

Professional Background:

Before OneJustice I attended the University of San Francisco Law School and San Francisco State University.  In law school, I was involved in a variety of extra-curriculars and groups including the University of San Francisco Law Review, the Women’s Law Association, and the Student Bar Association.  Law school provided me with the opportunity to work for a number of influential offices including the Capital Habeas Unit of the Federal Public Defender’s Office in Little Rock, Arkansas, the USF Criminal and Juvenile Justice Clinic, the Oakland City Attorney’s Office and the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office.

I really love:

I’m fortunate enough to live near the ocean and I really love spending as much time as I can enjoying the beach. I also love hiking, live music, gardening, and my two rescue cats.