Our organization works side-by-side with a statewide network of nonprofits, firms, law schools, businesses, and individuals to strengthen and improve the civil legal aid delivery system to better serve low-income clients.

Pro Bono Justice innovates the pro bono system and ensures greater access to high-quality legal help for people in need.

The Pro Bono Justice teams develop and support transformative pro bono programs that efficiently leverage the skills, time, and enthusiasm of pro bono volunteers for the benefit low-income and otherwise underserved communities.

Healthy Nonprofits transforms how civil legal aid nonprofit organizations work.

Healthy Nonprofits addresses the need for a coordinated system of highly effective civil legal aid nonprofit organizations. OneJustice works with the staff and board leaders of these organizations – through our Executive Fellowship Program, our consulting work with individual organizations, and our national advocacy efforts – aims to build skilled and creative managers and stewards of organizations.