Equity and Inclusion Policy

Vision: OneJustice commits to transform itself and the civil and legal aid system so that it is more equitable and inclusive

Mission: Through the work of the Committee for Equity and Inclusion, OneJustice will educate and empower our staff, board members, partners, and network to better understand the impact of power and privilege. As an organization, we promise to engage in more anti-discriminatory practices, policies, procedures, and programming.  Additionally, we will also make space, lift up, and center the stories and experiences of  legal aid organizations, community based organizations, and community members.  

We will work to promote inclusivity and equity in the groups with which we collaborate and the communities we serve.

OneJustice is devoted to this work across all projects and partnerships. We understand and acknowledge that:

  • This work is urgent, time-sensitive, and a continued learning process
  • We will make mistakes, and take responsibility for them
  • Until there is complete equity in all spaces, we will not stop

The list of diversities and identities include but not limited to all diversities of race, color (majority non-white), creed, religion, national origin, immigrant status, rural perspective, speech, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic class background, veteran status, past experience with incarceration, educational background, domestic partner status, marital status, mental health status, disability or AIDS/HIV status hidden or otherwise, weight and height, and the intersectionality of these various layers of diversity. We will give and invite authenticity and encourage the expression of diverse viewpoints.