OneJustice works to bring life-changing legal help to those in need by transforming the legal aid system.

We are an innovation lab for legal aid, working at multiple levels of intervention. We serve as systems analysts, designing and implementing programs focused on achieving systemic change.

Two levels of innovation

In order to achieve OneJustice's mission, we operate at two different levels of strategic intervention - a lot like a hot air balloon.

First, we work at the 3,000 foot level, serving as system analysts on the statewide legal services delivery system. We gather the data and information necessary to understand and map where the system is strong, where there are weaknesses, and why, where, and how services are being delivered. We provide analysis, consulting/coaching, technical assistance and training to increase the capacity of the system as a whole and of its individual components.

Second, when we identify significant gaps in the delivery system, we can drop our hot air balloon all the way down to the “ground level” to respond. Then we design and deliver direct services projects that fill those gaps and provide free legal service to Californians in need.

Innovation lab for legal aid

We serve as an innovation lab on legal services, applying creative problem-solving and design approaches to the thorny question of how to increase legal services for those in need.

At the systems level, we bring the legal services network's components together to apply innovation practices to promote collective creative thinking on how to address structural gaps in the system.

At this on-the-ground level, we apply human centered design thinking and innovation practices to create, test, and refine new ways of delivering services – which we then package to actively replicate throughout the statewide system and nationally. We also teach other legal services nonprofits how to build innovation and design thinking into their own work and programs.

Programs to move the needle

Our mission is ambitious and broad, and there are a wide range of strategies that we could deploy to  increase legal services for those in need by transforming the sector. Through our strategic planning process, we have selected three main program areas where where we can achieve the most significant improvements to the system in the shortest amount of time.

We engage the resources in the private sector to provide pro bono (volunteer) services. We strengthen the capacity of the nonprofit sector to serve more people. And we build a network of Californians who advocate for legal services.