Bringing Legal Assistance to All Californians, Regardless of Location or Ability to Pay

At OneJustice, we believe access to legal assistance is a basic human right, not something that should be afforded only to those in cities or who can pay. Because of this belief, our team has spent years developing and implementing innovative ways to expand access to legal aid programs for California residents, regardless of their ability to pay or their location.

Through our network of pro bono volunteers, OneJustice is able to leverage the time, skills, and enthusiasm of experienced legal professionals for the benefit of underserved communities, providing better access to quality legal help for those in need.

Engaging Pro Bono Volunteers

Our core Pro Bono Justice program work to engage law students and attorneys in the private sector to perform meaningful pro bono work. Our teams of volunteers dedicate their time and talents to serve Californians in need of legal help in a variety of ways, including:

Justice Bus Project®: Volunteer attorneys and law students make one- and two-day bus trips into isolated and rural communities to provide much-needed legal assistance to residents. Justice Bus programs depart from San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

Bay Area Rural Justice Collaborative: Communities on the fringe of the San Francisco Bay Area are given access to frequent, mobile legal clinics thanks to more than 500 volunteers from San Francisco and Silicon Valley law firms.

IMPACT LA: IMPACT LA supports survivors of domestic violence with limited-scope legal assistance clinics. Clients receive free legal consultations about a number of issues, including housing, immigration, and public benefits.

Immigration Pro Bono NetworkIn response to the threats facing immigrant and refugee communities across the state, we created the Immigration Pro Bono Network - a group of private attorneys dedicated to providing legal help to immigrants and refugees. The Network offers resources for finding pro bono opportunities, accessing legal trainings in a variety of areas, and identifying organizations to donate to.

Expanding Pro Bono Best Practices

OneJustice improves the ability of pro bono programs to reach underserved communities by offering consulting, training, and resources to lawyers, law firms, and law students. We provide several services for this purpose, including:

Pro Bono Consulting & Technical Assistance: Our consulting service focuses on the development and management of pro bono networks, programs, partnerships, and program evaluation. We work with legal services nonprofits, law firms, corporations, and law schools looking to start or refine a project.

Pro Bono Training Institute: The Pro Bono Training Institute is an online platform that brings together expert trainings in bite size portions California’s nonprofit and private legal sectors to develop online training with the goal of standardizing pro bono training throughout the state, ensuring a uniform quality of client services. These trainings are available to any pro bono attorney, law student, or advocate wishing to volunteer at a legal aid organization.

Pro Bono Conferences & Regional Meetings: In an effort to unite the California legal community, we bring together all sectors of the legal profession at bi-annual statewide conferences and regional meetings.

Get Involved

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