Millions face pressing legal problems.

At least 8 million low-income Californians experience between 1 to 3 legal problems each year. These problems create barriers to life necessities, like housing, medical care, food, and freedom from violence.

Millions cannot get the legal help they need.

California's system of over 100 nonprofits work hard to provide legal services to those in need — but they can't reach everyone. Insufficient resources mean that around 66 percent of everyone seeking help is turned away. The situation is even worse in rural communities, with few local attorneys and nonprofits to help. The legal services system is stretched too thin, and as a result, millions are suffering — needlessly — from legal problems that are often simple and solvable.

We can change this.

OneJustice brings life-changing legal help to those in need. We engage the resources in the private sector to provide pro bono (volunteer) services. We strengthen the capacity of the nonprofit sector to serve more people. We build a network of Californians who advocate for legal services.