Join Our Network of Legal Justice Advocates

Every year, hundreds of thousands of low-income Californians need legal services to stay in their homes, access health care, escape abuse, and provide for basic necessities. Because of inability to pay, many of these residents would go without legal assistance if not for high-quality pro bono legal aid programs funded in part by federal and state dollars.

Changes to the federal budget may completely eliminate federal funds to support legal aid services – a cut of over $40 million for California. If these changes go into effect, thousands of poor Californians will suffer the impact of serious legal problems, all of which are completely solvable with the help of a lawyer.

At OneJustice, we care deeply about maintaining access to high-quality legal assistance for all California residents, regardless of their ability to pay or their geographic location. But we can’t do this alone. We need the help of motivated, dedicated legal justice advocates such as yourself to stress the importance of these programs and maintain pressure on lawmakers.

Californians for Legal Aid maintains two strategies for protecting legal aid services:

Direct Lobbying

OneJustice works hard to send our team to Washington, D.C., to meet with lawmakers and promote the important work of legal aid services groups. Backed by our statewide network of volunteers and concerned citizens, we can make a greater impact and preserve the funding for legal aid services for years to come.

Grassroots Advocacy

Through Californians for Legal Aid, OneJustice maintains a statewide network of people who believe that everyone deserves equal access to quality legal representation. Our advocates receive:

  • Occasional policy alerts and press statements when an issue arises
  • Calls to action to help preserve funding and access to legal aid programs
  • Opportunities to advocate for those whose voices would otherwise go unheard