Champion of Justice – Lawyaw

OneJustice is pleased to announce Lawyaw as one of it’s amazing Champions of Justice at our 2021 Opening Doors to Justice event on June 24, 2021.

Lawyaw is receiving the honor due to their dedication to increasing access to pro bono represtentation, as well as for their commitment to making their innovative products and projects accessible to all legal aid nonprofits during COVID-19 and after. Learn more about our honoree below:


Lawyaw delivers easy-to-use document automation, eSign, remote intake, and knowledge management solutions for solo, small and mid-size legal practices in a web-based platform accessible from anywhere.

Fun Facts:

  • Origin of the name: The company name is something that generates a lot of discussion and varied reactions. In the northeast, people think we’re making a reference to saying “lawyer” with a Boston accent. In the southeast, people ask if we’re riffing on Law Y’all. The actual origin is Law + Yaw, as in “pitch and yaw” for those of you who are familiar with helicopters and airplanes. Pitch is the degree of vertical direction and yaw is the horizontal axis. The idea of combining them is that the company is reorienting the practice of law.
  • Milestones: In October 2020, a Lawyaw user produced the 1 millionth legal document drafted inside the platform. It took more than 4 years of work to reach 1 million documents. In about 6 months, we’ve already reached 1.4 million documents, so if the rate of growth continues, we’ll get to 2 million in about 12-13 months total.
  • Users: Lawyaw has users in more than 37 states at this point. The largest concentration of our users is in California.