Miguel Martinez (he/him)

Program Manager

Why I work at OneJustice:

I believe attainment of legal aid is a basic human right. Access to legal aid can be a life changing experience and should be available to all, regardless of financial stability. I am excited to be part of OneJustice to fulfill an equitable mission that provides families the opportunity to access legal aid.

Professional Background:

Prior to joining OneJustice I coordinated NALEO Educational Fund’s naturalization application assistance program. I assisted legal permanent residents access legal support with filling out their naturalization application. At Magnolia Community Initiative I served as a community organizer who built and activated community leaders who addressed challenges in rising housing costs, public safety, and immigration. While a student at Santa Monica Community College I was involved with community organizing and advocacy work that promoted a pathway for citizenship and the DREAM Act. My early experience in community college paved the way for my passion to serve those most in need.

I really love:

In my spare time I enjoy exploring nature parks and going for a hike in the mountains. My favorite part is going with friends on a long hike! I am a relaxed person who enjoys the simple things in life, like having a conversation about how modern society, culture and people evolved together in a complex world. I am not a good cook, but can wash dishwasher really well. I enjoy visiting museums, have an appreciation for architecture, and listening to different philosophical perspectives. Fun fact about me, I once ran the Los Angeles marathon in 2006.