Sade Dhalla (she/her)

Program Coordinator
Focus Areas:

Communications, Strategy & Impact, Policy & Advocacy, Organizational Leadership & Governance

Why I work at OneJustice:

I joined One Justice because I am committed to protecting, empowering, and transforming the marginalized communities that exist in California through legal aid. I strongly admire and appreciate the holistic, innovative, and justice oriented methods that One Justice uses to help support those in need and their mission to strengthen the civil legal aid sector in California.

Professional Background:

Prior to joining One Justice I worked as a Peer Educator which is where my passion for social equity really bloomed. While working with students from diverse backgrounds I began to learn the importance of capacity building and tailoring projects to the students’ unique perspectives. Also, I graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a degree in African American studies.

Something I love or fun fact:

I love healing my community and my family through various holistic measures; such as sound healing. I love spending quality time with loved ones, spending times outdoors.