Pro Bono Training Institute

The Pro Bono Training Institute’s goal is to produce universal, interactive, and on-demand trainings that will be available to any pro bono attorney, law student, or advocate who would like to volunteer at a legal aid organization. What’s unique about PBTI is that it’s making these trainings more time efficient and interactive. We went ahead and cut up a large bulky training into bite size training modules that can be absorbed during a potential volunteer’s lunch, commute home, or even during a meeting (we won’t tell!). Our built-in quizzes and interactive activities help engage the learner, so he or she absorbs and retains more information during each training module. By allowing the attorney to view these trainings at their leisure and making each one interactive, PBTI hopes to increase the number of trained pro bono attorneys ready to assist those who need justice throughout California.

Finally, the most innovative aspect of PBTI is that each training will be universal. Using the expertise of trainers throughout the state, we will be able to solidify the basic learning objectives on large training topics such as asylum, expungement, and housing matters. We hope that in the future an attorney in Los Angeles can view a training on expungements during the week and be ready to volunteer at a legal clinic in Fresno that weekend. With your help, we can give a new justice-filled meaning to the term “Weekend Warrior.”

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