OneJustice is excited to launch the Organizational Change Accelerators (OCA), a series of workshops dedicated to coaching legal aid groups in key areas of organizational development: Pro Bono, Program Evaluation, and Innovation. In this five month program - comprised of classroom lecture, small group work, and action planning - participants learn frameworks to apply to their work, and implement a Capstone Project to strengthen their nonprofit in one of the key areas. This process is facilitated by OneJustice senior staff with multidisciplinary backgrounds and experience in legal aid settings.


  • Learn best practices for improving organizational performance and increasing impact
  • Accelerate completion of a priority project for your organization via Capstone Project
  • Receive one-on-one coaching to support Capstone Project implementation
  • Earn MCLE credits (Pro Bono Accelerator only)

In these volatile times, legal aid nonprofits can increase and sustain impact by investing in organizational development. Certain features of organization behavior -- e.g. data-driven decision making, continuous improvement, collaboration across sectors -- can lead to work that is more nimble, client-centered, and strategic. Unfortunately, organizational development is a discipline that is neither taught in law schools, nor part of minimum continuing legal education. Seeing this gap, OneJustice seeks to strengthen the legal aid sector by offering topical resources.

Start Date: Winter 2020

Time Commitment: Eight hours per month

Duration: 5 or 6 months (Pro Bono)

Location: Berkeley or Los Angeles (Pro Bono)

Instructor(s): Senior OneJustice staff and guest faculty

Pricing: Scaled costs according to organizational budget:

  • Organizations under 999k/year - $1000 (for 1-2 participants)
  • Organizations between 1 mil and 4 mil/year - $1,300 (for 1-2 participants)
  • Organizations over $4 mil/year - $1,500 (for 1-2 participants) 

Participation: When forging organizational change, it is best practice to work as a team. To that end, two staff members per organization are encouraged to participate.

For more information, contact Roel Mangiliman at rmangiliman@one-justice.org.