Pro Bono Response to the Muslim Travel Ban

Please note: if you are interested in signing up to volunteer to assist immigrants, including DACA participants, please click here to sign up for the Immigration Pro Bono Response Network.

Airport Clinics served families and passengers impacted by the Muslim travel ban

In Jan. 2017, OneJustice was honored to serve as the national point of contact and provide operational and pro bono management support to the coalitions of legal services, immigration, and civil rights nonprofits that worked together to staff the legal clinics at LAX, SFO, SJC and Oakland in response to the executive order and travel bans. 

We are so grateful to the hundreds of attorneys and community members who volunteered - as well as everyone who donated food, supplies, equipment and more to support these efforts.  Thank you all!

Update as of December 6, 2017:

The Supreme Court issued an order on Monday lifting the stay on the September 2017 Presidential Proclamation set in place by the lower courts.  The Supreme Court's order did not address the merits of the case, but allowed the administration to proceed with implementing the third travel ban.  There are two underlying cases that are in process in the Appellate Courts.  Oral argument for Hawaii v. Trump in the Ninth Circuit were heard today, on December 6th at 2:00pm (PT) in Seattle, Washington. C-SPAN, CNN, and ABC broadcast the argument live, and a video of the arguments is on the Court's website here (starting at minute 30). Oral argument in the second case, IRAP v. Trump, is scheduled in the Fourth Circuit for December 8th in Richmond, Virginia. C-SPAN will broadcast the argument live as well, and links to live audio feed will be posted on the Court's website. OneJustice continues to oppose any attempt by the administration to implement a Muslim travel ban in any form.

SFO & LAX Airport Coalitions & Clinics:
The LAX and SFO Airport Coalitions moved quickly to review the Supreme Court's order and assess its potential impact.  On Monday, December 4th, both coalitions sent a small number of attorneys to the airports in both locations to monitor implementation and its impact on passengers and families.  The coalitions also reinstated the hotlines for travelers and families, and they continue to participate actively in the online intake system at The following hotlines and resources are active and ready to assist you:
LAX - Los Angeles:

SFO - San Francisco Bay Area:

Additional resources to understand the new travel ban:
 The SFO and LAX coalitions continue to monitor the situation at the airports. At the time of this update, no airport clinics are currently planned and we are hearing reports of travel disruptions so far.

Concerned about flying?

If you are a passenger or have a family member flying into SFO and LAX and you are concerned, please contact:

Want to volunteer or get status updates?

 If you are interested in volunteering with the Airport Clinic Coalition, in response to ICE raids, or the need for deportation defense; please sign up at for updates, news, and volunteer opportunities.

As of Friday, February 10th, 2017 the clinics are no longer operating on-site at the airports. If the Airport Clinic coalitions determine the need to reopen either clinic, we will announce the news and any need for volunteers on this page, twitter and facebook

If the clinics reopen, please do not rush to the airports. Instead, watch social media for alerts and updates about volunteer shifts, which will be posted online again.

Press inquiries:

Please contact OneJustice CEO Julia Wilson at

The Airport Clinic Coalitions:

These are the nonprofits that formed the backbone of the legal services response at the airports, and whose attorneys are the heroes of this story. We strongly encourage you to donate to them directly to support their work!

Bay Area Coalition (SFO, San Jose, Oakland)

LA Coalition (LAX)