New Employee Spotlight


Mariah Davenport, Rural Justice AmeriCorps VISTA

Why I Work at OneJustice

I am a systems and service designer dedicated to building systems that actually work for the people they are meant to serve. My mind works as a translator, finding meeting points for collaboration among various fields of interest including arts, nonprofits, business, education, & social justice reform. I work for OneJustice because I want to assist in creating more efficient accessibility to help small-businesses and underserved communities thrive in for-profit markets.

Professional Background

My degree in Arts Management taught me extensively about non-profit management, running a business with little to no funding, and managing individuals in creative / independent fields or professions. More recently, I earned my certification in User Experience Design which allows me to incorporate human-centered development and testing into operational programming for organizations.

In 2017 I developed a business model that operates on the premise of sustainable economic renewal for small towns and local communities. Since then, I have been running a non-profit collective that puts those ideologies into practice with local businesses and creative freelancers around NYC & Brooklyn.

I Really Love

Skateboarding is my first and one true love. When I’m not working on professional development, you can catch me at your local skatepark or an empty parking lot. Other than that, I love painting, reading, and nerding out on topics surrounding neurobiology & physics.


Andrea Rice, Homelessness Prevention Americorp VISTA

Why I Work at OneJustice

My interest in working for OneJustice stems from my passion to defend human rights for all. My undergraduate career solidified a strong desire to work in the legal realm after facing the reality of the lack of resources and voices speaking up for the underserved. I chose to work at OneJustice because they refuse to engage in the accepted blindness that contributes to oppression and injustice. Marginalized and disadvantaged people groups in the United States are not as rare as we would like to think they are. I am looking forward to gaining hands-on experience before law school with OneJustice’s Homelessness Prevention efforts and learning more about the tangible ways we can improve the legal system. My position will primarily focus on enhancing legal service organizations’ ability to offer accessible services to clients in communities they are already familiar with for a more holistic approach to tackling poverty and homelessness. I am grateful to work for a place like OneJustice because of its unwavering commitment to those in need, while strengthening capacity for the nonprofit sector.
 Professional Background

I recently graduated from Westmont College in Santa Barbara California with a degree in History. I value history because it is a lens to observe real-world situations, and it provides the necessary context for contemporary issues in society. During my undergrad, I took it upon myself to round out my education by seeking opportunities that would expose me to different people and perspectives. I secured a position with the Center for Public Justice in Washington DC, where I had the incredible opportunity to study the roles and responsibilities of government, institutions, and citizens. I dove deeply into what it means to ensure equal representation, and how to change the polarizing attitudes that have historically inhibited justice for all.  I also had the chance to study abroad the following semester in China and India. I navigated the consequences of imperialism and saw firsthand the human rights violations Muslims experienced in both countries. After these experiences, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in human rights law and bring such issues to light. I intend to begin law school in the fall of ‘22 and am looking forward to applying the knowledge I’ve acquired through OneJustice to my legal career.

I Really Love

I love all things adventurous. I have swum with sharks in open water 3 times and would do it again in a heartbeat! Some of my favorite activities include hiking, travel (when possible), and playing with my big puppy.

Madeline Valdez, Communications Americorp VISTA

Why I work at OneJustice

OneJustice’s dedication to increasing accessibility and equity within our legal system first drew me to the position.  They possess a profound commitment to equipping marginalized individuals with the accessible and innovative legal resources necessary to combat a myriad of pertinent issues.  I plan on pursuing a career in law and am excited to work with an organization dedicated to ensuring equitable conditions for the most vulnerable members of our community.  My position focusses on communications, where I hope to expand OneJustice’s reach and engage with a diverse range of individuals.

Professional Background

I’m a Political Science major with an emphasis on Political Theory and a minor in Philosophy.  I’m fascinated by the ways the law shapes our political landscape and its varying applications.  

Over the past few years, I’ve participated in direct service with my city’s mutual aid coalition and indirect service at various nonprofits where I’ve focused on fundraising, research, and community outreach.  Most recently, I’ve conducted research and worked towards environmental justice as a part of a global extern cohort at National Geographic.  I previously served as a Summer AmeriCorps member with Beat the Streets New England, where I worked in communications and outreach.  I’m looking forward to integrating my professional skills through this position and further developing my passion for community engagement.

Fun Facts

Growing up in the PNW, I love being outside as much as possible and hiking with my two dogs.  I also enjoy fashion and thrifting, baking, making cringe inducing TikToks, and almost exclusively listening to Frank Ocean and Taylor Swift.