OneJustice’s Partnership with Inland Counties Legal Services, Inc.

Inland Counties Legal Services, Inc. (ICLS) is a legal aid organization headquartered in Riverside County and serves the Inland Empire. The work they do provides essential and life changing legal assistance to those in greatest need within the vast and diverse regions of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. OneJustice has recently partnered with Inland Counties Legal Services to assist with their strategic planning. Additionally, several of the staffers have attended some of OneJustice’s online trainings!

As part of OneJustice’s Healthy Nonprofits Program, OneJustice provides consulting services in a variety of areas. Organizational strategic planning has been a top priority for many organizations across California as legal aid organizations attempt to be nimble in these ever-changing times while still holding up their mission and their clients. OneJustice worked with ICLS to develop and implement their own strategic planning process. According to Tori Praul, ICLS’ Deputy Director of Community Engagement, “OneJustice’s assistance was invaluable. The guidance and behind-the-scenes work provided by Chris (and Gail) enabled us to complete what would have been an unwieldly project efficiently, effectively, and on time. The finished project is a departure from past ICLS strategic plans and the roadmap it provides for the coming years places ICLS on track to grow from a good to great organization.”

Additionally, OneJustice provides educational opportunities to those in the legal services. These trainings, as part of the Capacity Building Academy and Organizational Change Accelerators, are designed to increase and organizations effectiveness and efficiency in how they service their clients and run their nonprofit. One of the great aspects of these opportunities is that they are not limited to being in-person. Therefore, OneJustice has seen an increase in participation during the pandemic as more people turn to online training especially for new staffers. According to Paulette Gray, ICLS’ Pro Bono Coordinator, “As a new Pro Bono Coordinator, I received the tools and information needed to grow in my new position by participating in the discussions and connecting with other Pro Bono managers across the state, who were experienced and engaging, which provided a free flow of information and networking.  Throughout my interactions with OneJustice staff, each has demonstrated nothing but professionalism, patience, and purpose.”

ICLS and OneJustice have a shared goal of bringing life changing legal aid to those most in need. OneJustice hopes that our role assists ICLS in doing their critical work in the Inland Empire even better than before.