Meet the latest members of the OneJustice team!

October 4th, 2019

It’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to celebrate something good! This October, we’re excited to introduce you to the new members of our team of legal aid innovators.  Joining our team this Fall are Emma Spiekerman, Development Associate, Marlee Raible, Pro Bono Justice Program Associate, and Miguel Martinez, Pro Bono Justice Program Associate.  As we do with all new folks, we asked them to answer these four questions:

  •  What drew you to OneJustice’s vision, mission, and strategies?
  •  Tell us a bit about your position at OneJustice and what you hope to achieve?
  •  What was your path in coming to OneJustice?
  •  And please tell us something about yourself that not everyone might know.

Please welcome Emma, Marlee, and Miguel!

Emma Spiekerman, Development Associate:

I was drawn to OneJustice’s commitment to making legal aid readily available to communities in need. I believe everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic background, deserves access to these life-changing services.

As a Development Associate, I will provide support towards donation efforts, special events, and administrative work. I hope to provide excellent assistance to the Development and Communications team and grow in my fundraising abilities.

Before joining the OneJustice team, I was a Language and Culture Assistant in Madrid, Spain. Previously, I worked as a Direct Service Provider to young adults with disabilities and as a Fellow on LA city council member Mike Bonin’s campaign. I have also published essays and articles about immigration, gender equality, and mental health. I received my BA in Psychology with a minor in Journalism from Loyola Marymount University.

I love being creative, whether it’s through music, photography, or painting.


Marlee Raible, Pro Bono Justice Program Associate:

I am excited that OneJustice is increasing access to justice for those who are low income and/or in non urban locations. I also love that we focus on innovation and finding creative ways to do our work.

I am a Program Associate meaning that I am helping to coordinate our Justice Bus and Rural Justice Collaborative clinics that provide pro bono legal services to people in non urban areas. I hope to serve clients and support providing quality legal services that help them to address their needs.

I have a background doing extensive work with carceral systems and people who are currently or formerly incarcerated. Last year, I completed a nine month exploration of justice systems in Australia and Argentina. Since then, I returned to the Bay Area and have been involved with some amazing organizations and projects such as Impact Justice, the California Coalition for Women Prisoners, and The Prison University Project. I came to OneJustice looking for an opportunity to increase access to justice, serve impacted people, and explore the legal aid sector.

I grew up in a small, rural town and I had two horses. I loved to ride with my mom, and so I’ve spent many hours in the saddle!

I love to dance. I primarily dance West Coast Swing, but I also love tango, zouk, and salsa!


Miguel Martinez, Pro Bono Justice Program Associate:

I believe attainment of legal aid is a basic human right. Access to legal aid can be a life changing experience and should be available to all, regardless of financial stability. I am excited to be part of OneJustice to fulfill an equitable mission that provides families the opportunity to access legal aid.

Prior to joining OneJustice I coordinated NALEO Educational Fund’s naturalization application assistance program. I assisted legal permanent residents access legal support with filling out their naturalization application. At Magnolia Community Initiative I served as a community organizer who built and activated community leaders who addressed challenges in rising housing costs, public safety, and immigration. While a student at Santa Monica Community College I was involved with community organizing and advocacy work that promoted a pathway for citizenship and the DREAM Act. My early experience in community college paved the way for my passion to serve those most in need.

In my spare time I enjoy exploring nature parks and going for a hike in the mountains. My favorite part is going with friends on a long hike! I am a relaxed person who enjoys the simple things in life, like having a conversation about how modern society, culture and people evolved together in a complex world. I am not a good cook, but can wash dishwasher really well. I enjoy visiting museums, have an appreciation for architecture, and listening to different philosophical perspectives. Fun fact about me, I once ran the Los Angeles marathon in 2006.