House Funds More Legal Aid!

June 26, 2019


The House or Representatives has passed a package of FY 2020 appropriations bills including a Commerce, Justice, Science funding bill at 11:50 am PST yesterday morning. 

The $383.3 billion package, H.R. 3055, provides robust oversight of the Trump administration, including blocking it from diverting Military Construction funds to build a border wall, preventing the use of funds for a citizenship question on the 2020 Census, and blocking its rule change on undocumented immigrants in affordable housing, which would threaten the housing of 55,000 children who are citizens or legal residents.

The final legislation provides $550 million for the Legal Services Corporation, an increase of $135 million above fiscal year 2019, and just $43 million under the requested amount from LSC. A division-by-division summary of the full package is available here.

There has been no movement in the Senate for the CJS Bill, or any other appropriations bills. OneJustice will continue to keep you all informed of any movement on the Senate side when they decide to begin their appropriations process.

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