Announcing Two New Resources for Legal Services Organizations

August 17, 2018

Announcing Two New Resources for Legal Services Organizations: Organizational Change Accelerators and Capacity Building Academy

By Roel Mangiliman, Senior Manager of Innovation and Learning


On June 7th, 2018, Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs illuminated the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco by asking legal aid lawyers, activists, and their supporters, “What are you prepared to do today so 50 years from now access to justice is not based on access to capital?” It was an electrifying, progressive question – one calling the room to remember the long game, where we win only when we have shifted the underlying and societal conditions our clients grapple with on a daily basis.

As a legal aid support center, OneJustice believes empowering nonprofits is an important step to changing the civil legal aid system. We believe there are certain ingredients to a healthy nonprofit: strong staff, committed leaders, data collection, a culture of equity and inclusion, and a process for innovation and collaboration. These capabilities are crucial to running a nonprofit, but not often taught in law school.

OneJustice offers well-rounded opportunities for legal aid groups to advance how their staff and organizations work. Adding to our menu of support services that already includes the Executive Fellowship program, strategic planning facilitation, equity and inclusion consulting, and board governance training courses, we are excited to launch two new programs starting in October:



  • NEW: Organizational Change Accelerators: Five-month coaching program in one of three key areas of legal aid organizational development: Pro Bono Program Design and Management; Research and Evaluation; Innovation Methods.
    • Need: Insufficient resources for strengthening legal aid nonprofits in key areas
    • Benefits: By completing one of the Organizational Change Accelerators, your organization can be more data-driven, nimble, and collaborative.
    • Who should apply? Legal aid staff of all levels looking to launch or revitalize a project concerning data practices, pro bono program design or management, or leading team innovation.
    • Duration: 5 months, one day per month
    • Start: Varies by Accelerator: Pro Bono starts October 2018; Research and Evaluation starts January 2019; Innovation starts February 2019.
    • To apply and for more information:



  • NEW: Capacity Building Academy: a free online learning program dedicated to helping legal services staff develop vital Nonprofit Management and Pro Bono Program Management skills.
    • Need: Lack of legal aid-specific training opportunities for junior and mid-level staff
    • Benefits: By participating in the Capacity Building Academy, all levels of staff can learn essential business management skills to develop leadership.
    • Who should apply? Legal aid staff of all levels
    • Duration: 3 months, one hour a week
    • Starts: October 2018 for Nonprofit Management; January 2019 for Pro Bono Design and Management  
    • For application and more information:

With the Mayor’s words in mind, we see these programs as one route among many to advancing the potential of civil justice organizations. We hope you join us in these opportunities. For more information see and, or contact

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