Celebrating 10 years of the Justice Bus


OneJustice Network,

We are honored to celebrate 10 years of one of our most beloved programs, The Justice Bus. It is with your support that OneJustice has been able to mobilize 3,539 Pro Bono volunteers to host nearly 400 clinics and serve 6,754 Californians in needs across the state. We are indebted to each and every one of you that eagerly rode one or more of these bus rides for justice, partnered with us, or supported financially or in spirit THANK YOU for contributing to the success of this project and for making change possible in our State. Together, we’ve helped thousands of Californians get that life-changing legal help in their most dire times of need. Despite the challenges we face in the political horizon, know that OneJustice is committed to expanding access to justice to every Californian in need despite any stones in our path, one Justice Bus trip at a time. THANK YOU for believing in us and our mission, and for keeping our wheels rolling for years to come.