First Justice Contest of 2013!

What is your favorite justice-related movie?

Starting today, please post your favorite justice-related MOVIE to any of our social media sites – and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a super cool OneJustice water bottle! 

And let’s just get it out of our systems right now and say you can’t post To Kill a Mockingbird.  We know, we know, believe us – but you just can’t – because everyone will.  Let’s think outside the box people!

Contest ends January 8th – post today!   All posts on facebook, LinkedIn, comments here on the blog, and twitter will be considered valid entries.   (And given that the OneJustice network is full of lawyers, you can just imagine a bunch of fine print explaining all the contest rules ….. right here.)  Happy posting!

Nope, you can't post To Kill a Mockingbird.  We're taking it off the table, because everyone will post it!

Nope, you can’t post To Kill a Mockingbird. We’re taking it off the table, because everyone will post it!


  1. OK sorry for the previous post, I saw the Twitterfeed in the car and was thinking To Kill a Mockingbird all the way home. Came directly to the site without reading or seeing the top picture first. Well, at least I am smart enough to think of a great movie…perhaps just not smart enough to read ALL the rules before jumping in. Now to think of another movie……

  2. My favorites:
    “A Few Good Men”
    “Witness for the Prosecution”
    “Judgement at Nuremberg”
    “Anatomy of a Murder”
    “Inherit the Wind”

    • Thank you, Tanya! What great suggestions! We’re going to have to create a “must watch” justice movie list at the end of the contest and share it back with everyone – there are so many great movies. Thank you!

  3. I saw It’s a Wonderful Life this Christmas Eve…I was pleased and surprised of how many cheers there were for the “little guy”…..It is not really considered a social justice film..but there is a cool message.

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