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Pro Bono Justice Program Coordinator
Why I work at OneJustice:

I was drawn to OneJustice by its mission to bring legal services to those most in need and its multifaceted clinic, consulting, and policy work to achieve it. I was drawn to my role, specifically, for its emphasis on both building the capacity of California’s pro bono work and improving the way it is delivered. I am excited to engage in work that is innovative by leveraging the resources of the private sector and the cultural capital of community based organizations to create stronger, more quality mechanisms of addressing legal inaccessibility.

Professional Background:

Prior to joining the OneJustice team I most recently worked on a range of city initiatives at the New York City policy and advocacy organization FPWA. The bulk of my work related to equitable workforce development for immigrant populations and it is here that I developed an interest in advocacy and public policy, a background I am excited to bring to OneJustice.

My passion for public interest law and impact litigation developed intensely during my time at The Legal Aid Society and the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office. Working in both spaces within the span of a year and a half allowed me to get a better, more nuanced understanding of justice and sentencing disparities in a large, urban legal system as New York. Additionally, working directly with clients highlighted to me how external factors of poverty, education attainment, and national origin can impact the outcome of a case. As a previous Research Assistant for Columbia Law’s Institute of Human Rights I also got the opportunity to explore the Human Rights realm and aid in the creation and launch of an online platform that increase the transparency and accountability of security forces around the world.

I earned my BA in Politics and Social and Cultural Analysis from New York University.

I really love:

Hosting friends, busy cities, outdoor activities of any type, French fries (more than a normal person should), and eating desserts baked by others. As an Oakland native I love the bay and capitalize on every opportunity to bring up how great it is to nonbelievers.