Mike Palzes

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Staff Attorney
Why I work at OneJustice:

I am concerned that civil legal aid is currently facing unprecedented challenges, and want to do more to help protect access to justice. I think OneJustice’s commitment to building capacity and expanding access to indigent legal services is both exciting and critically necessary. By joining OneJustice I hope I can make the kind of broader systemic impact that is not always possible in direct services legal aid work.

Professional Background:

Before joining OneJustice, I was a staff attorney at Nevada Legal Services in Reno. I coordinated the state’s legal aid program for low-income HIV positive individuals, and before that served as an Equal Justice Works Fellow in criminal justice re-entry and record sealing. In both positions with Nevada Legal Services I focused substantially on providing services to survivors of human trafficking and domestic abuse. Prior to that, I worked at the Montana Department of Justice where my duties included service on that state’s Access to Justice Commission and its Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team.

I really love:

I am a huge trivia buff, and generally love odd facts and useless information. For the last two years in Reno I co-hosted and wrote the questions for a local pub trivia night. Growing up I played on competitive school-sponsored trivia teams in the National Academic Quiz Tournaments league, and did multiple screen tests for Jeopardy! (though have yet make it on the show). I also love National Parks and historic sites, where I usually spend way too much time reading plaques and collecting new bits of trivia. I’m looking forward to finding a new trivia night as I get more settled into Los Angeles.