Marlee Raible

Pro Bono Justice Program Associate
Why I work at OneJustice:

I am excited that OneJustice is increasing access to justice for those who are low income and/or in non urban locations. I also love that we focus on innovation and finding creative ways to do our work.

I am a Program Associate meaning that I am helping to coordinate our Justice Bus and Rural Justice Collaborative clinics that provide pro bono legal services to people in non urban areas. I hope to serve clients and support providing quality legal services that help them to address their needs

Professional Background:

I have a background doing extensive work with carceral systems and people who are currently or formerly incarcerated. Last year, I completed a nine month exploration of justice systems in Australia and Argentina. Since then, I returned to the Bay Area and have been involved with some amazing organizations and projects such as Impact Justice, the California Coalition for Women Prisoners, and The Prison University Project. I came to OneJustice looking for an opportunity to increase access to justice, serve impacted people, and explore the legal aid sector.

I really love:

I love to dance. I primarily dance West Coast Swing, but I also love tango, zouk, and salsa!