Lea Volk

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Healthy Nonprofit Program Associate
Why I work at OneJustice:

I am excited to work at OneJustice because I believe that providing equal access to legal aid for low income communities is essential to creating a more just and equitable society as a whole. The OneJustice approach to transforming the legal aid system creates innovative and comprehensive solutions to comprehensive and difficult issues on a macro and micro level. My personal experiences and my family have been greatly affected by a flawed legal system, so I hold the mission of OneJustice very close to my heart. As the Program Associate for the Healthy Nonprofit Program I get to combine my interests in nonprofit management, public interest law, coalition building, and event planning. I thoroughly enjoy creating communal and progressive spaces that foster connectivity between fellow advocates and allies.

Professional Background:

Prior to joining the OneJustice team, I worked as a Student Activist Coordinator for Amnesty International West. There, I had the pleasure of working with high school and college Amnesty student groups in building their leadership skills and training them in campaigning, community organizing, and non-violent direct action planning. While working with Amnesty, I concurrently volunteered with the Transnational Institute of Grassroots Research and Action in Oakland that aids immigrant communities in learning their rights and asserting their economic citizenship.

I graduated from San Francisco State University in 2015, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Sociology and Latina/Latino Studies, with a minor is Race and Resistance studies. During my studies, I co-founded a student organization, Student Union of San Francisco, which worked to foster a coalition of political student groups and educators to collectively fight the privatization of public and higher education. Starting an organization from the ground up gave me invaluable experience in grassroots organizing, campaign development, nonprofit management, policy research, etc. that I carry into my everyday work and life and a social justice activist.

I really love:

I live for music and dance of all sorts! If I’m not at a dance event or class, I enjoy hiking and camping in Northern CA and connecting with friends and fellow activists in the Mission District. Traveling and being introduced to new cultures and perspectives is a high priority in my life and has filled my life, thus far, with so much wonder, beauty, and richness. My family is everything to me, including my “chosen family”, so I spend a lot of time fostering my relationships with my loved ones. During my downtime you can find me reading, journaling, cooking, and watching crime mysteries and sociological documentaries. I also have a tendency to over-quote movies from the 90’s.