Lauren Hipolito

Corporate Relations Manager
Why I work at OneJustice:

I realized that my drive and motivation in my professional life was people, helping people, working with people. Working with an amazing group of individuals towards a greater mission, that was what I wanted and with my legal experience, OneJustice was where I knew I should be. I had actually been following OneJustice for a few years and have even applied in the past, but I am a true believer in timing and, this time, it all just aligned.

Professional Background:

I went to the University of San Francisco with a major in Psychology and I was told by a professor that everything in law is just a mind game – so that Psychology major has really come in handy in my career. I’ve been working in some sort of legal position since I was 20 years old. I went from being a process server for CPS in the Tenderloin and Oakland to working in a criminal defense/family law firm back home in Stockton after college. After getting my Paralegal Certificate in Stockton, I got a contract job at Google, then at the Hewlett Foundation and after that, Playstation. I wasn’t really sure what type of law I wanted to root down in, so contract positions were a good process of elimination. After Playstation, I was offered a contract position at the U.S. Attorney’s Office here in San Francisco and I was immediately thrown into a world of RICO, gangs, guns, violence, etc., and exciting as all of that was, it was the clients and victims that motivated me, drove me to work harder every day, case by case. After that contract sadly ended, I jumped back into corporate law and knew immediately that that was not where I wanted to be, which lead me to applying to this position at OneJustice. See what I mean about timing?

I really love:

I really REALLY love Hippos (because of my last name and elementary school nickname). I also love cooking; I come from a pretty mixed, multi-racial family so we kind of cook a little bit of everything, but my favorite dishes are usually Mexican or Filipino. There may be some days when I make the whole SF office smell like adobo or posole – I apologize in advance.