Jess Temple

Jess Banner

Staff Attorney
Why I work at OneJustice:

I emphatically agree with a core tenet of OneJustice’s work – that access to justice must not be limited to those that can readily access it. OneJustice is a thoughtful and evolving organization, which skillfully combines intentionality and creativity. As a member of the OneJustice team, I am eager to return to the realm of legal aid services, which inspired me to attend law school in the first place.

Professional Background:

As a Staff Attorney for Pro Bono Clinics, I lead the northern California Justice Bus trips to rural and isolated areas in the region. I am responsible for developing Justice Bus clinics, facilitating training, and managing OneJustice relationships with northern California pro bono networks, legal service providers, and community partners. Additionally, to a lesser extent, I contribute to the programmatic work of the Rural Justice Collaborative.
Prior to joining OneJustice, I completed a fellowship with the International Justice Resource Center (IJRC), where my work centered on increasing victims’, and their advocate’s, effective use of international human rights law to strengthen individual’s access to justice. Previously, I worked as a law clerk with a civil rights and human rights law firm in Venice, California and contributed to cases before the Ninth Circuit addressing police misconduct, selective and discriminatory enforcement of the law, human trafficking, child slave labor, and corporate accountability. I also worked in the Justice, Protection, and Social Rights Unit of the Special Procedures branch of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights located in Geneva, Switzerland. Before attending law school, I participated in comprehensive eviction defense work at San Francisco Bar Association’s Homeless Advocacy Project, which sought to connect Bay Area community members to pro bono legal services, social services, and rehabilitative services necessary to address intersecting experiences of poverty, discrimination, mental illness, disability, and substance abuse.
I received my J.D. with honors from UCLA School of Law, specializing in International and Comparative Law, and B.A.s in Political Science and Psychology from UC Santa Cruz. I am admitted to practice in California.

I really love:

People, places, and things (usually in that order). I really love my family and friends, and am prone to use the term “friend” very liberally. I really love to travel, especially to coastal cities, and have ambitions to float in as many different bodies of water as possible. I really love berry pies, Bernese Mountain dogs, and all things Kurt Vonnegut.