Chantilly Rocha

Development Assistant
Why I work at OneJustice:

I grew up in an neighborhood of immigrants from all over the world and witnessed the legal struggle that my friends and their families endured as they were trying to gain citizenship, green cards, while feeling unsafe around local law enforcement. I wanted an opportunity to help my peers as they were striving to make the most of their life here in America in consideration of the risks and fear my community members faced. OneJustice has created an immersive network of law professionals and volunteers to increase the access that so many individuals in California are in need of. We are a team who have the responsibility to  work together in providing meaningful support and legal justice to those in need.

Professional Background:

I am currently studying to obtain my B.S. at San Francisco State University. For four years, I served as a board member and class ambassador for the AVID program which encouraged and helped low income students in the community to pursue higher education, and explore their options. During those four years, I also served as a group leader for the CIMAS Leadership Association in Santa Ana and conducted workshops and youth summits to organize community service events and improve team building. My community service revolved around assisting with teachers and academic tutors in the AVID program at a local middle school in Orange County.

I really love:

Hiking in Pacifica, bike camping, taking photos, painting, fashion forecast reports, eating Hot Cheetos.