Mariah Davenport (she/her)

Rural Justice AmeriCorps VISTA
Why I work at OneJustice

I am a systems and service designer dedicated to building systems that actually work for the people they are meant to serve. My mind works as a translator, finding meeting points for collaboration among various fields of interest including arts, nonprofits, business, education, & social justice reform. I work for OneJustice because I want to assist in creating more efficient accessibility to help small-businesses and underserved communities thrive in for-profit markets.

Professional Background

My degree in Arts Management taught me extensively about non-profit management, running a business with little to no funding, and managing individuals in creative / independent fields or professions. More recently, I earned my certification in User Experience Design which allows me to incorporate human-centered development and testing into operational programming for organizations.

In 2017 I developed a business model that operates on the premise of sustainable economic renewal for small towns and local communities. Since then, I have been running a non-profit collective that puts those ideologies into practice with local businesses and creative freelancers around NYC & Brooklyn.

I really love

Skateboarding is my first and one true love. When I’m not working on professional development, you can catch me at your local skatepark or an empty parking lot. Other than that, I love painting, reading, and nerding out on topics surrounding neurobiology & physics.