Refugees and migrants are facing escalated attacks from the Trump administration. 

You can make a difference right now and increase access to justice for thousands of families that were recently separated at the border, immigrant youth attempting to renew their DACA applications, refugees seeking asylum from persecution and torture, and millions of people suffering from the life-threatening conditions of detention and deportation.

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Take Action: Defend the Rule of Law and Support Central American Refugees

As 7,000+ refugee children, elders and individuals flee widespread political persecution, gang violence and discrimination from Central America in the largest caravan in decades, it is vital that we, as a legal community, come together and provide immediate and concrete legal support for the people seeking asylum in our country.

The U.S. government is attempting to deny the right to asylum and has been violating U.S. and international law. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) is denying asylum seekers their right to request asylum and is illegally restricting the asylum application process. There is a tremendous need for legal support during this rapidly changing humanitarian crisis, in order for asylum seekers to receive accurate legal information on immigration law and the asylum process so they understand their options and are prepared when they are able to present their case.