Clinic Spotlight

How did you learn about OneJustice?

I was referred by International Institude of Brentwood.

Were you able to resolve your legal issues as a result of working with us, and can you tell us about your experience working with your OneJustice contact?

Yes, [I was] I am beyond Satisfied with Gracia and Jacob they were very professional and awesome. Gracia was so helpful and patient.

Could you tell us a brief description of your experience with the naturalization process? Why is it important for you to become a citizen?

It is very important because I have 3 children and I will like to be able to have a more secure stay in the United States as well as this country is we’re I have been raised and all I know.

Thank you for asking me to be apart of this  and for assisting my mom and I and all the patience the system and the organization you guys have even during Covid!!